About Us

North Florida Inspection Solutions is a locally owned and family operated home inspection company that truly cares. We have a passion to change the industry and the desire to succeed.  We stay committed to building our success on honesty, integrity, dedication and moral values. Both having been raised in North Florida are true southern folks who expel good ole southern charm.  With that being said, we love what we do and are honored to have the opportunity to continuously serve our local community.

Our inspectors are state licensed, company trained and active lifetime learning members of Internachi, one of the worlds leading home inspector associations. We continue to improve our services by way of education and networking. Always open for suggestions and improvement ideas.

Proudly parenting a party of 2 girls & 4 boys, we are blessed to be called “Nana & Papa” by 5 wonderful grandchildren, on a path to change the world! Our family & faith will allow us to pass our traditions on to the many generations that follow.    

We are North Florida Inspection Solutions, local home inspectors that truly care. Team work has made our dream work! Providing solutions to the typical issues that come with the home inspection process. Our advanced technology allows for same day, digital reporting. Our experienced/qualified inspectors are very thorough and adhere to Internachi standards of practice. NFIS provides peace of mind by including warranties & guarantees with every full home inspection at no additional cost..